Deal Partnering

Grow Your Land Business Even Faster with Deal Partnering

You all know how complex the land flipping process can be. From Choosing Your Market, to Pricing Your Offers, to Due Diligence, there are a lot of tactics and strategies that can save (or make) you thousands of dollars on every deal.

If you are looking for more one on one training, we are here to help. And like any good business, we're here to make it a partnership that benefits us both and helps you grow faster than if you go it alone.

We know this isn't for everyone - if you're interested in more information, email Abdiel at:

[email protected]


When you become part of the partnering program, we will work together as you create an offer for a single market. You will...

Work with Abdiel to help you with the acquisition and sales strategies of your land investing business, this includes:

    • Analyzing a hot market.
    • Generating your property owner lists.
    • Pricing your offers and sending out letter campaigns.
    • Analyzing each lead from the letter campaigns.
    • Negotiating and closing on the deals.
    • Advertising and selling the property.
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Short Version: We will help you find and buy in a profitable market and aid you in the due diligence needed to successfully acquire and remarket your properties. Simple as that.


  • Program Fee of $3,500 for current students OR $4,500 (Land Flipping Formula Course + Deal Partnering) for non-students
  • Student funds the cost of the ownership leads from DataTree and the direct mail cost
  • Student funds the property purchase including closing costs
  • Profit split 50/50 after student recovers ALL costs including data cost, closing cost, property cost (PROPERTY CASH SALES ONLY FOR DEAL PARTNERING)

While no results are guaranteed we feel strongly in the economics of this offer. Our average profit on the cash deals we make in our own portfolio is $10K. We know this system works.

OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: We guarantee that you will purchase a property from your direct mail campaign (there should be more than 1!) OR you have the right to remail a new area with our guidance and start the process over again.

We know this isn't for everyone - if you're interested in more information, email Abdiel at:

[email protected]